antedating "face the music" (1834); and "vetoite"

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Another early cite (also from New Hampshire):

As Van Buren, however, has now given 'assurances' that he will not be
a _Vetoite_, we are curious to see how the tories will get over it.
Come gentlemen-no dodging-face the music.-_Dover Enquirer_.

Portsmouth [New Hampshire] Journal of Literature and Politics, May
23, 1835, page 2, col. 6.  Early American Newspapers.

vetoite:  not in OED2.  No Google hits.


At 9/27/2007 01:25 PM, Stephen Goranson wrote:
>1834 The editor of the Courier has profitted by the suggestion of his Troy
>neighbor of the Patriot, and with a proper show of feeling accuses the editor
>of the Statesman of having been turned out of the Hall of the House of
>Representatives by the Tories (News) [19th C US Newspapers]
>      New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal (Concord, NH) Saturday, August
>02, 1834; Issue 12; page 3, col B.
>....Will the editor of the Courier explain this black affair. We want no
>equivocation--'face the music' this time--Gove and Barton are able backers.
>1838  New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal, (Concord, NH) Saturday,
>February 17, 1838; Issue 41; page 3, col B. [19th C US N]
>     Suppression of Documents by Stinson?s Bondsmen Vox Populi.
>Category: News
>....Face the music, Governor!
>1838 New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal, (Concord, NH) Saturday, March
>10, 1838; Issue 44; page 2, col A   Multiple News Items Category: News [19th C
>US N]
>....Uncle Sam has to face the music; while if the loss falls upon their
>opponents, it touches their cold victuals.
>1838 Dover Gazette & Strafford Advertiser, (Dover, NH) Tuesday, November 20,
>1838; Issue 52; [page 1?-- Browse list not working; the page includes
>the paper
>name and date in upper right and no page no.], col A
>     The editor of the Enquirer says he has conclded [sic] the
>publication of Mr
>Bonds Speech Category: News [19th C US N]
>....We like to have men come "up to the chalk"--face the music, George.
>faced  the music:
>1836 The Herald, (New York, NY) Tuesday, March 29, 1836; Issue 17; page
>4,col A
>     Boston Police Category: News [19th C US N]
>....The court appeared to be somewhat struck with the sublime
>indifference with
>which he faced the music, or rather the fire of the witnesses, and
>asked him if
>he did not wish to question them.
>Stephen Goranson
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