Gold Tooth Guy

Michael H Covarrubias mcovarru at PURDUE.EDU
Sat Sep 29 21:19:36 UTC 2007

My friend Monica writes:

"I came across a new saying a couple of days ago. I was walking behind two guys
on Ludlow Ave, and I was shamelessly eavesdropping on their conversation. One
guy was talking about how he used to be the best football player on his high
school team. He was saying how he would do anything for the team and the team
really counted on him to do whatever they needed. Then he said something that
truly perplexed me. He said, "Man, I was the Gold Tooth Guy." What? What on
earth could this possibly mean? He clearly said Gold Tooth Guy. His friend just
nodded in recognition,so he must have known what it meant. Then I realized that
this man meant that he was the Go To Guy on the team."

I'm not sure I can come up with a great re-understanding of the phrase--unless I
push the precious metal = valuable player sense. But it would make a pretty good
eggcorn--if only I could find some more examples that aren't used to describe a
guy who actually has a gold tooth.


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