Pony Seekers

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Thanks, TODoug! Actually, it was my  bad. I remember the story, now
that you've retold it, and I probably would have made the connection
without help, had I read the entire article, instead of merely
scanning enough of it to get the gist and missing the "pony"


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> 'Sorry, Wilson. It's the play on the old story of the boy
> who, upon finding a pile of manure where he expected Christmas
> presents, goes dashing around looking for a pony, explaining
> "where there's this much manure, there must be a pony nearby."
> -------
> My reference was to the Sunday Profile article entitled "New
> idea for space travel?" in today's LA Times
> http://www.latimes.com/technology/, where in the 15th paragraph
> a retired aerospace engineer's comment on the new technology
> included the line, "He may have a pony in there."
> (the other) doug
> ------------------------------
> I'm completely missing your point, The Other Doug. What is "the old
> 'look for the pony' concept"?
> The article about a potential use for that old, mirror-facing-mirror,
> infinite-reflection phenomenon is interesting, though.
> -Wilson
> -----
> >
> > 'Just spotted a nice use of the old "look for the pony"
> > concept:
> >
> http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-sunprofile30sep30,0,4678458.story?coll
> > =la-tot-business&track=ntothtml
> >
> > This seems to be quite popular among politicians and writers about
> > same, a Google search suggests.
> > I suggest documenters of this type thing keep their eyes peeled, as
> > there's a huge number of manure-producing pols running around the
> > country these days. (In case you hadn't noticed.)
> > (the other) doug
> >
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