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I'd be interested in the notes and will cheerfully pay whatever cost is involved.  But I believe George might also consider compiling his work into a book-length manuscript that can be published in a very limited edition, if necessary.  There should be an introduction explaining the nature of the project, and he might make various general comments at the end.  Even if the book is self-published, it can achieve the stamp of scholarly approval by being favorably reviewed in a journal such as  _Dictionaries_ or _American Speech_.
George's scholarly work is very valuable, and compiling his extensive notes into a book very much deserves the encouragement of the scholarly community. I expect the material in his notes will be important both in itself and for the additional research it will stimulate.
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I believe that someone among us is on the editorial staff of DARE.

If DARE is interested in my notes on words & phrases, mostly from NYC newspapers, 1750-1880, but other stuff too, let me know.

Or, indeed, anyone else.

400+ pages, no doubt 1500++ items, probably more.  Not everything gets posted here (ADS-L).  My method, and a very methodical method it is, is to make a note whenever a writer indicates that he is flaunting a new word -- by putting it into italics, or in quotes, or by intruducing it with "as the Americans say" or "to use a Kentucky term".  On further review, these words sometimes turn out to be well documented from 50 years previous, but usually they are of some interest.


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