Eggcorn: Be around the bush

Mark Peters markpeters33 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jan 2 22:38:41 UTC 2008

"Be around the bush" conveys the same evasiveness as the correct expression. Looks to be pretty common too:

  As the election goes forward, I will publish all of my positions on the top issues.  Aren't you tired of only two choices?  Sick of hearing everybody be around the bush and never just sitting down and calling it like it is.

  If you are proposing for marriage, you got to say it in front of her, be direct, don't be around the bush, don't hint, it is not clear to a girl. A girl who is looking forward into marriage life need confirmation from you.

  I feel optimistic about 2008 and there's nothing to report on just yet, so I won't be around the bush. Let's get right into it.

  This is exactly the reason I dislike Hillary and I'm a Democrat. Hillary seems to never answer a question truthfully or she's always being around the bush with her answers.

  It's not like I minded, because I didn't. I'm not being around the bush anymore. He is fucking gorgeous!,%20Turn%20Blue%20%7BSP%7D%20Part%2010/

  I suppose being around the bush is preferable to peeing around the bush.


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