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James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Thu Jan 3 03:50:24 UTC 2008

>Also, during my short and sadly unglorious time as an English teacher in
>France I was criticised by the senior colleague who was supposed to be
>mentoring me for including "adore" in the list of ways to express one's
>like/dislike (classical beginners' lesson topic.... like/love/be keen
>on/not mind/dislike/hate/etc. + V-ING, usually). (Well, it *was* in the
>textbook, along with all the others.) But she tersely reminded me of
>it's primary religious meaning "worship".

I'm put in mind of hte retired English teacher I know who was set off
by my use of "icon" in an explanation of Peircean semiotics. He felt
that it was grossly improper to take a word away from its original
use in this manner -- said original use being, of course, as a term
for Russian Orthodox religious images.

James Harbeck.

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