DARE---(George Thompson's extensive notes)

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I agree completely.

  Meanwhile, George, send me a copy.


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I'd be interested in the notes and will cheerfully pay whatever cost is =
involved. But I believe George might also consider compiling his work =
into a book-length manuscript that can be published in a very limited =
edition, if necessary. There should be an introduction explaining the =
nature of the project, and he might make various general comments at the =
end. Even if the book is self-published, it can achieve the stamp of =
scholarly approval by being favorably reviewed in a journal such as =
_Dictionaries_ or _American Speech_.
George's scholarly work is very valuable, and compiling his extensive =
notes into a book very much deserves the encouragement of the scholarly =
community. I expect the material in his notes will be important both in =
itself and for the additional research it will stimulate.
Gerald Cohen
New e-mail address: gcohen at mst.edu
As of January 1, 2008 my institution is renamed Missouri University of =
Science and Technology (formerly: University of Missouri-Rolla)


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I believe that someone among us is on the editorial staff of DARE.

If DARE is interested in my notes on words & phrases, mostly from NYC =
newspapers, 1750-1880, but other stuff too, let me know.

Or, indeed, anyone else.

400+ pages, no doubt 1500++ items, probably more. Not everything gets =
posted here (ADS-L). My method, and a very methodical method it is, is =
to make a note whenever a writer indicates that he is flaunting a new =
word -- by putting it into italics, or in quotes, or by intruducing it =
with "as the Americans say" or "to use a Kentucky term". On further =
review, these words sometimes turn out to be well documented from 50 =
years previous, but usually they are of some interest.


George A. Thompson
Author of A Documentary History of "The African Theatre", Northwestern =
Univ. Pr., 1998, but nothing much lately.

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