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I don't subscribe, so I couldn't read the article, but I was surprised to see
Allan described as "Forensic linguist Dr. Allan Metcalf." If Allan is really
a "Forensic linguist," I hope he will join the International Association of
Forensic Linguists and report on his forensic linguistic research!

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> Allan Metcalf (executive secretary of the American Dialect Society)
> has given an interview to the online language publication put out by
> Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus.
> It's a good summary of some of the ideas he presents in his book
> "Predicting New Words" and might make a good handout for a beginning
> language class.
> By the way, Thinkmap's publication is consistently even-keeled and a
> good entry point into the inner workings of the language trades, the
> kind of thing to recommend to a non-academic who is interested in
> words, language, lexicography, writing, and so forth. I subscribe. I
> have also been interviewed there--you'll probably recognize at least a
> dozen names of ADS and DSNA colleagues in the pages, either as authors
> of articles or as subjects of interviews.
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