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I seem to have heard/read it in a different though related business sense,
something like "treat an expense (as ...)". Maybe it was something like
"expense it as ...". (tap, tap, tap...)

Bingo! Googling for "expense it as", in quotes, brings as the first five

MeMo: This great land of ours (or maybe somebody else's), The epilogue
If the total cost was under $500, I'd just *expense it as* an office
expense. If it was being used as an employee expense, I'd still expense it
if it was ... - 18k -

TaxAlmanac - Discussion:Website depreciation or expense
client intends to combine all 3 to a single asset and *expense it as* a
marketing expense saying it is for a marketing purpose and not an asset. ... -

Shake Gently - advertising technology blog » Blog Archive » Why ...
Another annoyance for not providing a receipt was that if you did want
to *expense
it as* a company expense, you are out of luck. On one positive note, ...

What If My Employer Doesn't Offer Tuition Assistance? -
The boss can *expense it a*s a training cost. Present your case and wait.
Don't expect an immediate answer. Give your boss the opportunity to consider
all the ...

This way, we can write the whole thing off and maybe figure out a way
to *expense
it as* a budgeted training seminar. We, too, are amazingly versatile. ...

Though the end of the first snippet suggests another construction, without

m a m

On Jan 2, 2008 6:53 PM, James Harbeck <jharbeck at> wrote:

> I'm actually surprised that "expense" meaning "put on expense
> account" is new to anyone in Canada or the US. I've known it for
> years and had the impression it was very common (well, in business
> circles, it certainly is -- as much from desiring the act as from
> actually doing it!). I'm also surprised that it's not in OED --
> perhaps it's not used in England? I'm trying to remember from the
> Alex cartoons I've been reading for years...
> James Harbeck.
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