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Barry sent the message below to a select group of ads-lers, and I now forward it to the entire list.  The term "politiqueras" is of interest for the political lexicon, for the influence of Spanish on English, for dialectal speech (Texas), and in general for the subject of languages in contact.

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Subject: Politiqueras (OED? DARE? Anywhere??)

I just posted "pachanga" and will do "politiqueras." Not in the revised OED? Not in DARE? Grant's political book or website? Nobody's ever lived in Texas before?
--Barry Popik
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Politiqueras Gone Wild!

Former Rep. Steve Wolens liked to call them vote-harvesters. Down in deep, deep South Texas however they are called "politiqueras." Not always, but generarally, ladies involved in get out the vote efforts, who it is alleged, sometimes cross the line with aggressive, at times improper, tactics in doing their job.

The use and abuse of the politiquera system has become an issue ever since a heated mayor's race and a number of indictments raised the profile of the ever growing system.

Local Democrats in Hidalgo county are talking about taking steps to control the "arms race" and abuses in the use of politiqueras. I have to applaud the steps Chairman Maldonado and local Democrats are taking. Because of the pressures to win at all cost, it may be difficult for some politicos to get their actions to match their commitment.


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