Evidence for DECIMATE ('one in ten')

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Mon Jan 7 22:49:41 UTC 2008

On Jan 7, 2008, at 2:38 PM, Ron Butters wrote:

> "actually"?
> I don't see any useful way of distinguishing between....

i now have about ten pages of variious responses on this issue (alas,
in longhand, so they have to be typed in), and the new quarter is
beginning, and i think these exchanges have been singularly
unproductive (perhaps because i am unable to make myself clear) -- so
i won't be posting further on the matter, at least here (Language Log
postings that aren't framed as back-and-forth discussions might be a
better platform).

like roger shuy, i will now take a vacation from posting to ADS-L.
unlike roger, i will continue to read ADS-L, at least for a while.


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