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Barry sent the message below to a few ads-l members, and I now forward it to the whole list.  Btw, any treatment of "fan" will have to take into account the detailed work on this term by SABR (Society of American Baseball Research) expert Peter Morris.  His work on the term won an award at one of the SABR meetings, but I believe it's available only somewhere out in cyberspace and hasn't yet been officially published.

Gerald Cohen


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Good news--this project will be partly online by the end of March. The Sporting Life had excellent coverage of baseball. Most important is the origin of the baseball "fan."
"Jazz" occurred in many baseball stories--beginning with the "jazz curve" in 1912--and I wouldn't be surprised if our next breakthrough comes in Sporting Life.
Baseball team names should also be here. I'll be looking for the New York "Giants" and the New York "Yankees" and the Brooklyn "(Trolley) Dodgers" and the Chicago "Cubs," among others.
Barry Popik
(working on the BBQ term "Texas crutch," (snip>)

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Thanks for your email.  We expect to begin putting up issues in March, probably toward the end of the month.  The total project should be completed by June or July.  The order in which we will publish years of The Sporting Life will be somewhat haphazard.  That is, it won't necessarily follow a chronological order.  However, we figure it would be better to Web-publish issues as they become available rather than holding back until the entire project is finished.

If in March you would like to check on progress, please don't hesitate to send me an email.




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You have said that the magazine Sporting Life (an early competitor of The Sporting News and the leading source on early baseball history) would be available in 2008. How is that coming along and when will it be available?...

Barry Popik

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