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But "a certain date" is ambiguous between 1 and 2. 1 is the sense of "date
certain", 2 is the everyday meaning. So "date certain" has the value of
being unambiguous, in a legal context where ambiguity is dangerous.

   1. a firm date for future action, which may or may not have been
   determined at the time the phrase is used ("We need to specify a date
   - A term identifying the date on/by which the specified actions of a
      contract can be reasonably completed. This date is important, as it is
      generally considered legally binding. (
      2. a specific date, not necessarily "firm"that I have in mind
   but I'm not mentioning

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On Jan 11, 2008 11:08 PM, Paul <paulzjoh at mtnhome.com> wrote:

> On the H-war List I have seen a question regarding the military phrase
> "Danger Close"  is there a name for convoluted phrases like this or
> "Date Certain"?   "Close to danger" and "a certain date" seem, to my
> ears, both clearer in meaning and more pleasing to the ear.
> Is there a name for these jargonesque phrases?
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