Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Jan 13 05:12:35 UTC 2008

At 11:50 PM -0500 1/12/08, James Harbeck wrote:
>According to a Toronto newscaster, the Toronto Maple Leafs are due
>for a major rehaul.
>"Rehaul" gets about 37,000 hits on Google. The sense does seem to be
>a blend of overhaul and rehab. Not a word I recall hearing before,
Definitely yes on the overhaul; not so sure on the rehab.  There are
other candidate re- verbs (remake?  reconfigure?  reconstitute?)
that may have entered into this blend, but it may be just a
generalized re- meaning.  I don't think one speaks of a rehab for a
hockey team, unless it's the Canadiens (heh heh).


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