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Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Sun Jan 13 16:39:37 UTC 2008

On Jan 9, 2008, at 22:52, LanDi Liu wrote:
>  And calling it an adjective implies that you can say things

> like "I have this some book," and "This apple is very some."

Every dictionary I've checked since you wrote that--15 from nine
publishers--has multiple parts of speech for "some." If your students
are making that mistake then they haven't been taught how to properly
use a dictionary, such as a) recognizing the differences between parts
of speech and b) using sample sentences given in dictionaries for
models in their own writing. I can recommend an online course if you'd

Collins dictionaries do, by the way, use some of the parts of speech
that you mentioned.

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