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Benjamin Barrett wrote:

I certainly agree with that. My point was to emphasize the fact that the
overwhelming positive answers are not necessarily definitive. I do wish
you had posted your message to the list as it's an important
clarification rather than making it private, though. BB

ronbutters at wrote:
> My point is just that we cannot always be sure that our individual grammatical judgments are in fact correct. How do you know that you have not heard this thousands of times and just never noticed it? The thing about transient syntactic phenomena is that we do not always know what we do.
> In other words, empirical data would establish that your reaction is not (a)  mistaken and/or your idiolect is not atypical of your sociolinguistics dialect cohort.
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> Maybe I misunderstand what grammatical means, then. I would never
> produce it and would consider it wrong if it came from anyone in my
> dialect. BB
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