Don't let's

Russ McClay mcclay at TAOLODGE.COM
Wed Jan 16 06:19:22 UTC 2008

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Tom Zurinskas wrote:

> She said, "I'm going to go."
> He said, "Don't let's go.
> =20
> Does that make sense?  Too unclear I think to be acceptable form.

Are you aware that this list is about American dialects?

...that dialects are a regional phenomena? That what is acceptable
in one region may not be in another? That what might make sense
in one region may not in another?

As for me, I've heard it, as in "don't let's get into it" irt an
an argument.  But I don't use it. I'm from the West Coast, though've
been living in Asia over 20 years.

Russ McClay

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