Procedural criteria

Wed Jan 16 21:23:13 UTC 2008

        The English language does not have an official dictionary, so
"official" recognition is impossible.  However, lexicographers are
always interested in the earliest documented use of a word.  Giving that
documented use, by URL or otherwise, would be helpful to them.

        It may be a bit premature to put "healthscare" in the
dictionary.  Google, for example, gives only 13,000 examples of its use,
which is not a lot, and many of them do not seem to have anything to do
with your word.  While each publisher will make its own decision, I
think that even the publishers of unabridged dictionaries are likely to
think that "healthscare" (or "Healthscare") is not ready for prime time.

        Also, I note that examples of "healthscare" go back to 1994 in
published sources and Google Groups.  At that time it was a pejorative
reference to President Clinton's health care proposal., a
pro-smoking website/organization funded by Canadian tobacco
manufacturers, seems to have been around only since 2004.

        Disclaimer:  IANAL (I am not a lexicographer)

John Baker

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I recently subscribed to the list. Please forgive me if this message has
been duplicated;


 I would like to submit a request that I be given official recognition,
as the architect of an original word; could anyone advise me as to the
procedure in having a word considered as legitimate, in English

"Healthscare" is a new age fraud tactic, or for many a reality formed of
highly efficient advertising campaigns of health based promotional lobby
interests. Healthscare describes the actions of presenting information
in linguistically deceptive terms, which appear to be rational in the
short term. Fear which empowers legislative actions based in the fear
[or appearance thereof] presented alone. The much cited term "there is
no safe level" offers no real information, instead it offers only fear
and apprehension. Oft times with devastating circumstances. The death
camps of WW11 as an example were a result of eugenics principles, which
created fear of the extinction of the human species caused by the
procreation of so called lesser human beings. The bigotry and empowered
hatred based in so called legitimate science, still lingers today, in
spite of many efforts over the years to offset the demonstrative

I first coined term Healthscare in numerous internet Blog discussions a
few years back at a freedom of choice discussion group; <>  . I have used the term
numerous times in correspondence with media outlets, Civil rights, Human
rights and medical discussion venues over the years. I have noticed the
adaptation of the word in mainstream journalism of late, with no other
source I could find prior to my invention. Its immediate recognition can
be found in understanding its use. Although constantly my spell checker
attempts to correct the spelling I submit "Healthscare" is and should
remain a legitimate word. It can be used in conjunction with those who
commit deceptive actions as in the term Healthscare Authority or
Healthscare Professional who present themselves covertly in similar
terms negating the "C" from the spelling.

Best Regards; Kevin Mulvina

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