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Your dolly has black hair, but mine's is brown.

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What's the apostrophe for? This is surely by analogy with his, hers,
yours, its, ours, and theirs, being the odd guy out (no -s).


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>"Mine's" meaning "mine".
>That's mine's. BB
>Benjamin Lukoff wrote:
>>  On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>>>  Another example where I probably disagree with many on this list is the
>>>  use of "mine's". Many probably would find it ungrammatical, yet it is
>>>  acceptable to me as a part of Asian-American Seattle culture, which I
>>>  was surrounded by as a teenager.
>>  "Mine's"? Can you elaborate? I'm a (part) Asian-American from Seattle
>>  (born and raised) and can't quite place it. (I was a teenager from 1988 to
>>  1995.)
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