Shank's mare

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It occurs more recently (1874-77) in the US, with the pleonastic d.o. "it":
So, rolling my grub in my blanketI left all my tools on the groundI started
one morning to shank itFor the country they call Puget Sound.The Old
Settler's Song, or Acres of
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Mark Mandel

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> The Wikipedia article refers to Michael Quinion (2002-08-31). Shank's
> mare. World Wide Words.  But not much more there, except to remind us
> (me?) that there is "shank v. =
> 1. dial.  a. intr. To walk, to travel on foot; also with const. away.
> Often to shank it.
>    a1774 Fergusson Poems, King's Birthday 83 If baudrins slip but to
> the door,+I fear, She'll no lang shank upon all four This time o'year. ...
> Joel

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