Junker/Junko/Junco Partner

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Isn't that "Junker'_s_ Blues"? In one version, Champion Jack sings
that the police "took my _reefle_ out my hand." OTOH, there's an old
R&B song in which the leader of the group sings of "roaches (insects)
on my tabre." Duelling reanalyses.


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> > I was surprised to come across mention of this song in Linguist List.
> > Since this is pretty much a folk song, it has a wide variety of words.
> > So, FTHOI, I thought that I'd just throw some others into the pot. The
> > words below are the oldest that I know of, as I was able to understand
> > them from a lo-fi, ca.1949, 78rpm recording by Vic Damone, back in the
> > day. It was the B-side of "Vagabond Shoes."
> Wilson, are you sure Vic Damone recorded this? I haven't been able to
> find any mention of it. "Vagabond Shoes" was released in 1950 with "I
> Hadn't Anyone Till You" on the flip side (Mercury 5429). The earliest
> recorded version of "Junco Partner" I can find is from 1951, by James
> "Wee Willie" Wayne (b. James D. Waynes, c 1923, Texas). More on
> Wayne(s) here:
> http://www.blackcat.nl/references/messages/james_wayne.htm
> Richard Hayes and Louis Jordan both recorded the song in 1952.  I'm
> wondering if the version Wilson remembers might be the one by  Hayes,
> since he was a Brooklyn-born pop vocalist like Damone and also
> recorded for Mercury.
> (BTW, Champion Jack Dupree recorded "Junker Blues" in 1941, but it
> doesn't appear to be the same song.)
> --Ben Zimmer
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