Question: Bob Dylan's performance dialect

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Bob Dylan whose from Minn. is a'talkin like Woody Guthrie whose from Okla.
What's a'goin on here.

Is dialect primarily pronunciation or word choice?

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> Subject: Question: Bob Dylan's performance dialect
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> Subject: Question: Bob Dylan's performance dialect
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> Bob Dylan doesn't sing in the native dialect of someone from "so far
> north in Minnesota that Moosehead isn't beer, it's a misdemeanor." It's
> widely assumed that he's imitating Woody Guthrie's dialect; but I don't
> hear much resemblance.
> So: 1) Is Dylan assuming some other dialect? 2) Is he trying to sound
> like Woody Guthrie and getting it wrong, or 3) Do I have no ear for
> dialect and he's getting it right?
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