English words beginning with <j> pronounced [Z]?

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Does anybody whose name is Jacques pronounce his name as identical with "jock"?

I doubt it. And Canada is full of Jacques and jocks.
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In LIN 101 we teach students that /Z/ (the second sound in 'azure'
the last sound in 'garage') is a silly sound (like ng) which can
occur internally and finally but never initially. In final position
it is giving way to /dZ/, and here in good-talking and linguistically
secure Michigan, people surveyed were not sensitive to the final /dZ/
pronunciation as nonstandard.


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>Subject:      English words beginning with <j> pronounced [Z]?
>Dear all,
>A question out of a friend's curious brain - he is French, currently taking
>lessons to improve his English:
>Do you know of words, common word or proper names, in the English language
>that begin with the letter <j> but that are pronounced without the [d]
>sound, just the [Z] sound?
>Or, to put it another way, words where the initial <j> is pronounced as in
>I can't think of any!
>An advanced search in the OED Online ("Entries containing Z
>in Pronunciations") retrieves only one word: jinricksha, jinrikisha,
>from Japanese.
>I'd be grateful for any comments!
>  (I must add I didn't read all the article under the entry for the letter J,
>which also appeared in the results of my search - Wonderful OED)
>Thank you,
>  Nadia Gabriel
>  Librarian & Translator
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