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Fri Jan 25 05:54:02 UTC 2008

Regarding words meaning 'how many-th',  'how much-th':  Czech has
kolikátý.  A common question is Kolikátého je dneska=how many-th is
today? Dneska je petadvacátého=today's the twenty-fifth.  If you get on
an elevator, someone might ask you 'Kolikáté?' if they would like to
know what number to push.

Also found on an internet forum:  Kolikaty mate za svuj zivot mobil=how
many'th do you have in your life mobile? (basically, how many mobile
phones have you had in your life).  To tell the truth, I would expect
just 'kolik' (how many/much) here rather than kolikátý, but I'm not a
native speaker.  I'm not even a very good speaker. :-)

In Dutch and in German, you can use 'hoeveelste' and 'wievielte',
respectively, but I cannot imagine using them without an article
preceding:  Abraham Lincoln was de hoeveelste president?=Abraham Lincoln
was the howmany'th president?


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