Delta airline's guaranteed lowest fare?

William Salmon william.salmon at YALE.EDU
Tue Jan 29 02:44:31 UTC 2008

> What the d---l does this mean?  From an ad in today's New York Times
> (last page of section A, New England Edition):
> "Visit to book the lowest fare guaranteed or your money back.*
> "* The lowest fare is the lowest Delta fare for the requested
> itinerary and travel dates on at the time of inquiry.
> Restrictions apply to the refund offer. Visit for details."
> Is this really the nonsense that if you go to and it tells
> you what is the lowest fare Delta has available at that instant, if
> you book that fare you will get it?

This is also an impressive sentence! :-)

That's surely the minimum level
> of service I'd expect.  The first sentence above seems intended to
> lead one down the garden path of assuming the Delta's fares will be
> low *compared to other airlines*.
> Or does it simply mean that as compared to telephoning a Delta ticket
> agent, or using a travel agent, the fare will be no
> higher?  I would think if they meant that, they could have said it.
> Joel
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