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New York Times, Jan. 14, 2008
A 2006 survey on, a Web site for new parents, showed
that three quarters of 1,052 participants had taken "conceptionmoons,"
or baby-making junkets, and 40 percent of those had been successful.
Kyle McCarthy, the editor at in New York, a
resource for traveling parents and families, has seen marketing pushes
for sequels to the conceptionmoon and babymoon, including
"familymoons," where newly blended families take all the stepchildren
and half-siblings on vacation.

Here's the Sep. 2006 press release by on "conceptionmoons":

Grant Barrett dated "babymoon" back to 1995:

"Familymoon" goes back to 1999 at least:

1999 _Leisure Travel News_ 15 (32) 18 (Factiva) The Westin Resort St.
John is featuring a Yours, Mine and Ours "familymoon" package for
couples who want to share their second marriage vows with their

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