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Wed Jan 30 19:33:19 UTC 2008

So the voice-over is not in the same universe of discourse as the program
itself? Or is the speaker just wrong--since we know that there are lots of places
in the universe where "sapients" other than humans have gone?

Not to mention angels ...

In a message dated 1/30/08 2:03:00 PM, thnidu at GMAIL.COM writes:

> ISTM that as soon as you refer to Klingons, including asking whether
> Klingons qualify as "one", you have entered an sf universe of discourse. The
> possible referents of "(some/any/no) one", to me, are just about equivalent
> to the referents of "person". If you refer to Klingons at all, you are
> referring to sapients: individuals whose intelligence and personhood is of
> the same level as that of humans, and who (not "which") are therefore
> persons and therefore are included in "-one" references.
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