Antedating: bumpology, 1826 (and 1831)

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George Cruikshank
Feb. 24, 1826
London: G. Humphrey
etching, color.

[title:]  Bumpology

OED3:  1834-

An image is on-line at the National Library of Medicine, "Images from
the History of Medicine".  The text is (as best I can read off my
computer screen):

Pores o'er the Cranial map with learned eyes,
Each rising hill and bumpy knoll descries,
Here secret fires and there deep mines of sense
His touch detects beneath each prominence.

While searching for this, I also came across the following, which
shows up on Google:

Egerton Smith
The Melange, a Variety of Original Pieces in Prose and Verse,
comprising the Elysium of Animals
Liverpool, 1831

"Bumpology" on pages 115 (title), 118, and 120.


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