Humorous disease names

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My wife, who as far as I know has never read SF, uses zorch to mean basically the same as whatchamacallit, especially when referring to automotive problems of undiagnosed origin - "It's the zorch": crumulated munchilator is another favorite term.  She has done this for the near 40 years I have known her.  I heard her father, a machinist in the Navy in WWII and habile home-mechanic, use these terms, and I assume they went from father to daughter rather than vice versa.

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> I had a friend in high school (1954-1958)  and college
> (1958ff.) who when asked what was wrong with, say, someone
> we knew who was sick, would humorously respond:
> "Complications of the zorch." He was the only
> person I ever heard use the term "zorch", and it
> was only in this context.  We both understood it as a
> nonexistent internal organ.
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> From: Mark Peters, Tue 6/3/2008 11:33 AM
> I'm looking for words like horrendoplasty: medical-ish
> words for real or imaginary conditions.
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