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> Marc Velasco <marcjvelasco at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >
> > also related to 'squadoosh' (as heard on ESPN's PTI).  squadoosh
> > means something like zero.
> I've wondered about squadoosh... I've only heard it on PTI too. Could it be related
> to squat too? What a great word.

No doubt influenced by "squat" (in usage if not origin), since it
works like other "squatitives"/"vulgar minimizers". Early cites from

-----, Feb 11 1996
Should be interesting, despite the fact that the title doesn't mean squadoosh.
-----, Oct 18 1996
These "scandals" you love to enumerate don't mean squadoosh as far as any of
our daily lives are concerned.
rec.pets.dogs.behavior, Jan 27 1997
That turd is proof that lots of letters after your name don't mean squadoosh.
-----, Mar 19 1997
Mike Wolfstone (who apparently doen't know squadoosh about televised

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