Queen Mary = wire-rack rolling cart; names of TV shows or characters, used as verbs

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"Bogart" has been discussed here before:

Also, there is a light verb formation of "pull a * on", etc.

Bethlehem woman accused of trying to cut boyfriend's throat - Topix
Thursday May 22. At least she did not pull a "Lorana Bobbit" on
him!!!!!!(Not sure if I spelled that correctly). PEDESTRIAN.
Allentown, PA. Reply » ...


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> From a friend's LiveJournal
> (http://xiphias.livejournal.com/474315.html), used by permission:
> Oh how cool English is as a language
> A sentence one of my fellow bartenders uttered last night while we
> were breaking down the bars, and packing up all the stuff to take back
> to the MIT Faculty club where it goes:
> "I think I can MacGyver the rest of the liquor onto the Queen Mary."
> A "Queen Mary", by the way, is a big wire-rack rolling cart. Imagine a
> set of aluminum-tube-and wire-rack shelves, and put wheels on it.
> That's all it is, and you stack everything on it, and then wrap it all
> in pallet wrap, which is just somewhat-thicker clingfilm/Saran wrap,
> which keeps everything from falling off.
> But are there other television shows or television characters which
> have become verbs?
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> http://xiphias.livejournal.com/474315.html?thread=4492747#t4492747
> mattblum comments:
> Did you know that "to MacGyver" was used on the first episode of
> Stargate SG-1 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118480/), prompting
> Richard Dean Anderson (or his character--hard to say which) to roll
> his eyes in exasperation?
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> http://xiphias.livejournal.com/474315.html?thread=4493003#t4493003
> janetmiles comments:
> Spock, as in "to Spock an eyebrow".
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