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Douglas Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Jun 15 23:38:35 UTC 2008 
 For those interested, this was recently referenced on Metafilter. 
 It's a great read and be sure to click on the last link in the first

 paragraph for a hilarious new craze among Korean youth.
 I'm not sure the activity is new, and I suspect some Koreans would
be unhappy with some of the associated assertions. The activity in
question is covered pretty well by Wiki under "kancho". This is the
Japanese equivalent: "kanchou", basically = "enema" (the same word is
current [I think] in Chinese as "guan4 chang2" and in Korean as
something very similar, but I guess just meaning "enema" in those
languages). In English I think it's covered by the verb "goose". The
Wiki "kancho" article has some good links; I read the "gaijin smash"
stuff a while back (the interesting reminiscences of an American who
taught school in Japan).
 -- Doug Wilson

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