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David Donnell daviddonnell at NYC.RR.COM
Sun Jun 22 13:57:11 UTC 2008

Was listening to Brit actor Hugh Laurie in his lead role on the TV
series "House"... Was wondering if his fake American accent is as
solid as it seems, or if it's just that his voice is compelling; I
don't pick up anything regional when he speaks, as I often do with my
fellow Americans, no sense of place to it.

Also, South African Charlize Theron seems quite good at her assumed
American accent, although there's something I can't put my finger on
that bugs me about it. (Not that I've spent tons of time listening to
her.) In any case, unlike the "House" guy, Theron's U.S. dialect
isn't just for a role, she apparently uses it in real life...
stateside at least.


Any other favorite fake U.S. accents? (Whether competent or
entertaining; Monty Python used to crack me up with their screwy
American accents.)

Missourian @ NYC


Wikipedia on Hugh Laurie's American accent:


For his portrayal, Laurie assumes an American accent.[1] Laurie was
in Namibia filming Flight of the Phoenix and recorded the audition
tape for the show in the bathroom of the hotel, the only place he
could get enough light.[8] His US accent was so convincing that
executive producer Bryan Singer, who was unaware at the time that
Laurie is English, pointed to him as an example of just the kind of
compelling American actor he had been looking for. Laurie also adopts
the voice between takes on the set of House, as well as during script

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