Heard on The Judges: "seldomly" = "occasionally"

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Jun 24 00:14:31 UTC 2008

>Thirty-ish, black, female speaker:
>"My relationship with him was basically just a friendship, but we did
>_seldomly_ hook up."

I predict Jerry Cohen would see this as a blend of "seldom" and
either "rarely" or "infrequently".  I see it as a redundant
affixation of adverbial-forming -ly on an item that's already an
adverb, as with "fastly" (which I believe we've previously debated,
and which earns 377,000 g-hits).


>There are ca.202,000 Google hits, many of them grammatical and
>lexi(cologi)cal comments. So, though I haven't heard it before myself,
>it's hardly unknown, apparently.
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