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Tue Jun 24 17:19:08 UTC 2008

Hi, sugar!
      Can you get off on Friday? If not, that's okay. I, i.e. you, can
make a new appointment.

Dr. Trnka knew EXACTLY what my problem is and what to do about it! She
even knew that it's triggered by meat and rice, among other things! I
have a birth defect in my gastro-intestinal system that's well-known
and usually not at all a big deal. Some of us guys are born with an
overly-tight esophageal sphincter. As we age, this sphincter becomes
less and less flexible - that's why this problem has slowly become
more and more common with the passage of time - until it ultimately
will refuse to open at all, under certain circumstances, so that food
becomes stuck in the esophagus. The esophagus continues to try to
force food into your tummy until it finally gets locked into a spasm
or gets a kind charley horse, which is what causes all the pain.
Trying to throw up doesn't work because the sphincter is spasmodically
locked shut and the esophagus is likewise in spasm.

Anyway, Trnka wants to eyeball my GI tract from the front end so that
she can see what, exactly, this sphincter looks like. An easy
operation may be needed, but, as is often the case, something could go
wrong that would be quite serious. The same was true WRT the nasal
polyps: e.g. Kiskaddon might have gone too far up into my nasal cavity
and pierced through into the frontal lobe of my brain. (Given the
choice of probably not getting my sense of smell back after all or
becoming zombified, I opted for the former.) So, Trnka hopes that a
prescription med that she has already given me plus an OTC food
supplement available nearly everywhere will be sufficient, especially
if I make a point of chewing meat and rice really, really, really

Love you,
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