"be hit-and-run" (and Google counts)

Mark Davies Mark_Davies at BYU.EDU
Thu Jun 26 05:33:55 UTC 2008

>> "Hit and ran" is also fairly well attested with 209,000 raw google hits.

Like most Google counts, though, these numbers are really problematic. If you start paging through the hits (100 hits at a time), they end on page 8, or after about 720 hits (as opposed to their initial "guess" of 209,000).

This is the same problem with Google counts that others have mentioned. Google will "guess" 500,000-1,000,000 hits for a multi-word search (since it doesn't really know the frequency of anything beyond single words), but then when you go to actually see them, there's just a tiny fraction of the hits there.

Even with just 700 or so hits, though, it does show that the construction is somewhat more frequent than what would probably be expected.

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