"Articulated" as Verb

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I'm ambivalent.  In my experience, one usually articulates 'small' things:
vowels, t's, in speech, particular notes in music, etc.  This corresponds
with meaning (1) below.  But one can even articulate entire ideas at once, a
la meaning (3), and this seems to be what Combs was going for.

The way I read it, she presented herself articulately.

But if _present_ doesn't have enough oomph as a verb, then maybe he had to
say she _articulated_ herself.

And here's an ignorant question: is _articulate_ (adj) a loaded term?  I
remember it from the Biden/Obama dust-up about Obama's being clean,
articulate, etc.

one dictionary (freedictionary)

*v.* (-lt) *ar·tic·u·lat·ed*, *ar·tic·u·lat·ing*, *ar·tic·u·lates*
*v.**tr.**1. * To pronounce distinctly and carefully; enunciate.
*2. * To utter (a speech sound) by making the necessary movements of the
speech organs.
*3. * To express in coherent verbal form; give words to: couldn't articulate
my fears.
*4. * To fit together into a coherent whole; unify: a plan to articulate
nursing programs throughout the state.
*5. * *Anatomy* To unite by forming a joint or joints.
*6. * *Architecture* To give visible or concrete expression to (the
composition of structural elements): a spare design in which windows and
doors are barely articulated.
*v.**intr.**1. * To speak clearly and distinctly.
*2. * To utter a speech sound.
*3. * *Anatomy* To form a joint; be jointed: The thighbone articulates with
the bones of the hip.

Am Herit.

[*-lating*, *-lated*]
*1*. to speak clearly and distinctly
*2*. to express coherently in words [Latin *articulare* to divide into

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