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American Dialect Society Annual Meeting 2009
San Francisco, January 8–10
At the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America

1. Divergent and Convergent Patterns in the Phonetics of Canadian English.
2. Linguistic Variation and Ethnic Identity: The case of Native American French in Louisiana
3. Influence of Nasalization on Vowel Perception
4. On the Ethnic Marking of /l/ in Chicano English: A Generational Study.
5. Monophthongal /aw/ in Pittsburgh: On the Social Meanings of “Pittsburghese” in the Local African American Community
6. Language Attitudes and Pre-Service Teacher Preferences
7. Northern California Vowels in Southern Illinois
8. Diachrony and AAE: Sound Change Outside of the Mainstream.
9. A Preliminary Analysis of Final /z/ Devoicing in Northwest Indiana.
10. Plural all in wh + all Constructions.
11. On the Origins of Preposition Stranding in Louisiana French.
12. Nisu, Sisu, and Sauna: The Enregistration of an Ethnic Dialect in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
13 and 14 (double presentation). Variation in Black ASL: Two Hands or One, High or Low?
15. Word of Mouth: The Rise of Hip Hop’s “Third Coast” and Its Influence on African American English.
16. Was Leveling: An Ancient Feature in Modern Appalachia.
17. New York City English: Perceptual Dialectology and Research Design.
18. The Effect of Perceived Ethnicity on Evaluations of Students’ Spoken Responses.
19. Not Just ‘One of them things’: Demonstrative Them in Appalachia.
20. The Case of actually in North American English.
21. So eh is still Canadian, you know? A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Discourse Particles in Canadian English.
22. “. . .and Testifying”: An Analysis of Women’s Linguistic Performance in a Black Church Community
23. The Misinterpretation of AAE in Medical Examinations.
24. The Diversity and Stability of Vocalic Variation among Bidialectal and Bilingual Children
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