Heard on Springer: "my cousin nephew"; "your baby mama"; "Mary, the girl that I watch her kids", etc.

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 19 17:22:55 UTC 2008

Used by two, early-twenties. white people who otherwise spoke an r-ful
Southern dialect of the "hillbilly" school (the theme of the show is
"Hot-Headed Hillbillies").

This is probably not news among the pros in the field, but, for me,
this is the first time that I've heard these formations used in
natural speech, not once but several times, with no shifting to "my
cousin's nephew," etc., by whites who were clearly not whiggers.
Though Jerry hassled all of them about, e.g. "my cousin nephew"
("'Cousin nephew'? What does that mean? Which is it supposed to be:
your cousin's nephew or your nephew's cousin?") they seemed to be
completely unaware of what he was driving at.

Black audience member to guest wearing white-walled mullet: "Look at
your head, man! You look like a broke-down Bruce Willis!" [Huh?!]

Mullet-head: "Naw! Look at *your* head, brother! It speaks for itself!
I don't even have to say nothing!"

Since the brother head look like a wool bird nest, he ain't hardly had
no comeback.

Pretty lame attempt at a jone by the black guy.

Pretty cool attempt at a burn by the white guy.

You gots to give the white boy hiis respect. Game know game.


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