Q: animal "produce"?

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RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:
> In a message dated 11/23/08 11:18:30 AM, zwicky at STANFORD.EDU writes:
>> the three types are
>> now sold in different departments of supermarkets (and dairy products
>> and eggs in still another).
> not in any supermarket that I know about: the meat department may be
> subdivided into chicken/turkey, lamb, beef, pork, fish&shellfish, but they are not
> different "departments"

This may be regional. I went to a supermarket (non-chain) that I'd never
been to before yesterday. The meat/butcher counter was across the store
from the fish counter which was right next to the deli counter (and
seemed to share personnel with it). This is consistent with the indie
market near where my sister lives (also in Connecticut) as well as with
the practice in the two chain supermarkets I regularly shop in.

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