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        My experience is the same as Neal's; I grew up in southern
Kentucky, and my parents were from the same area.  Based on the list
responses, it sounds like the "cumberbund" pronunciation among whites
may be more common outside the South.

        Since it appears that Arnold has had the best of it in this
discussion, give me reasonable notice and I'll make every attempt to be
present for the courthouse lawn ceremony.

John Baker

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I was born to a father who grew up in Georgia and a mother who grew up
in Texas, grew up in Texas myself, and went to my high school proms
wearing a "cummerbund". This discussion is the first I've learned about
the "cumberbund" pronunciation.

Afraid I can't make it to the courthouse lawn where either Arnold or
Wilson lives, but I'll look for the video on YouTube.

Neal Whitman
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> arnold, if you can find a random black person or a random Southerner
> of any race who doesn't say "cumberbund," I'll kiss your ass on the
> courthouse lawn and give you 45 minutes to draw a crowd. "Matlock" is
> set in the South, right? And Andy Griffith is from the South, right?
> You remind me of that GI from Darien, CT, who was stunned to hear a
> Southerner say, "Git _you_ a tray!"
> -Wilson

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