animal "produce" (some Google results)?

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I think it's a slippery slope, and a contextually
determined one.  Many cookbooks and menus have
"meat" sections/chapters, and only when you also
notice the presence or absence of a "poultry"
section/chapter can you be sure what the scope of
"meat" is for that particular author or menu
designer.  And has been often recognized, the
felicity of a "X and Y" locution (as in the "cats
and kittens", "slippers and shoes", "lions and
lionesses" type of case) is perfectly compatible
with X being a hyponym of Y or vice versa.  If
Dr. Spock writes a book on Infant and Child Care,
he does not thereby commit himself to infants
being non-children.  As for The Fresh Market's
"meat, poultry, pork, and seafood", I throw up
(at least) my hands.


At 1:07 PM -0500 11/24/08, RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:
>As for poultry, I found no evidence anywhere I looked that anyone thinks of
>poultry as not meat. The sources below all do, and they are pretty
>authoritative. Most of them seem to classify
>seafood as borderline. Some supermarkets have
>a "Meat and Seafood Department," but they are all pretty much in the same
>Department, and businesses all pretty much advertise for workers who will not
>distinguish the one from the other when it comes to cutting, packaging and
>in-store preparation. The same workers do the
>job, regardless of what kind of flesh
>is being prepared for sale.
>Meat Cutter
>The Fresh Market - Raleigh, NC +15 locations
>    p" width="251"> Meat Cutter The Fresh Market requires previous meat
>cutting experience (meat, poultry, pork, and
>seafood) in the retail or restaurant
>PT Meat Cutter
>Food Lion - Durham, NC +33 locations
>Job Title: PT Meat Cutter Job Duties: Provide quality... Process fresh meats,
>smoked meats, seafood, random weight, lunchmeat, frozen food and salted meats
>to the...
>What are the tasks involved in "Meat Packaging"?
>In the meat packaging department, colour-coded expanded polystyrene (e.g.
>Styrofoam plates) are filled with pork, beef and
>poultry. Workers carry the meat
>to be processed from the storage room to the work bench. They also arrange the
>plates, add moisture absorbing sheets, and place aluminum trays on the work
>bench (Figure 2).
>To complete a task a worker has to:
>      * pick up a colour-coded plate
>      * pick up a moisture-absorbing sheet
>      * grasp pieces of meat from a box
>      * fill the plate
>      * remove the plate from the bench
>      * A Pantry Staple from the Meat Department
>      * A Special Occasion Calls for A Special Roast
>      * Add a Touch of International Flavor to Your Hamburgers
>      * Celebrate National Pork Month
>      * Chicken Every Day for A Year!
>      * Choose the Right Beef Cut for Your Recipe
>      * Cooking Chicken
>      * Cooking Under Cover
>The Red Meat Debate at Brattleboro Food Co-op
>The discussion on whether to carry red meat at the co-op goes back in our
>case about 3 years before we began the 1988 relocation to our present, much
>larger facility. It was a difficult and
>sometimes highly charged emotional process,
>especially given the fact that our organization was founded primarily by
>With the co-op already carrying chicken and fish, the board of directors
>approved a management proposal to carry local frozen lamb and pork.
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