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I vote for "I know, right?!"
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"You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think." Dorothy
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> Netscape (you know, those people who keep putting that "just the Net you
> need" blurb on my posts) today has the following on its splash page:
> 15 Words Kids Think You Don't Know
> Translate this: Caitlyn and her boo were cupcaking in the hallway! It means
> Caitlyn and her boyfriend were kissing in the hallway. AARP has done geezers
> everywhere a favor and produced a dictionary of words kids know and use all
> the time--but think adults don't know. It's a way to talk in code in front
> the 'rents.
> So the next time the young 'uns start jabbering gibberish, you might just
> catch one of these words they think you don't know:
> Boo: boyfriend or girlfriend
> Brodown: boys' night out
> Bromance: close, but non-sexual, relationship between two men
> Check vitals: to check your e-mail, cell phone and voice mail
> Cupcaking: engaging in a public display of affection
> Disco nap: a short nap before a night out clubbing
> Floss: to show off your wealth, often in a car
> Fo' shizzle: certainly
> They aren't hateful. They aren't disgusting. They're just annoying. Find
> out which two words Webster's says are the ugliest in the English language.
> Peeps: people; your closest friends or family
> Scooby doos: good shoes
> Sick: extremely cool
> Talk smack: to speak negatively or belittle someone else, often in the heat
> of competition
> Tatted out: covered in tattoos
> Tramp stamp: a tattoo on a woman's lower back
> Wikidemia: a term paper that was researched entirely on Wikipedia
> Ugliest Two Words in English
> They aren't hateful. They aren't disgusting. They're just annoying. The
> editors of the Webster's New World College Dictionary say the two ugliest
> words in the English language are: "like" and "go."
> As in: "And I go, 'I can't believe it!' and she's like, 'You didn't know?'"
> Once a year, the dictionary editors stop their serious work and indulge in
> a good rant about the state of the English language. Here is the best of
> what they consider to be the worst:
> Most irksome euphemism: Issues
> We used to have problems. Now we have issues.
> Worst replacement for good old "yes" or "I agree": Absolutely
> The close runner-up is "definitely."
> Most cheapened cherished word: Awesome
> A C+ on an algebra test is mediocre, not awesome. Dude.
> Worst unnecessary lead-in: I mean
> I mean, if you didn't mean it, you wouldn't be saying it!
> Most infuriating idiocy in news headlines: Neck in neck
> And it's used everywhere, including the New York Times, the Seattle Post
> Intelligencer, Reuters, Fox News, the Akron Beacon-Journal and too many
> others.
> Worst orthographic innovation: Stunt spelling
> This is a cutesy-poo, middle school infatuation that began as early as
> Mötley Crüe, progressed to phat and continues downward with boyz.
> Worst grammatical abuse: The present progressive
> "i'm lovin' it" without a capital "I" and without a period is the idiocy
> reduced to its essentials. Well, McDonald's thought it so fine that they
> took out a trademark on it.
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