animal "produce"?

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At 11/25/2008 12:20 PM, Arnold Zwicky wrote:
>and meat  packing / meatpacking deals with instances of MEAT PROPER.
>from wikipedia: "The meat packing industry is an industry that handles
>the slaughtering, processing and distribution of animals such as
>cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock."   ["livestock", alas,
>sometimes includes poultry, but very often does not, as in the case of
>the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.]  the industry association
>is the American Meat Science Association, and it has no truck with

And I don't want to write "produce and livestock trucked from
plantations to Charles Town" -- I suspect in this case any
"livestock" trucked (or more likely, watered) from plantations was
poultry, and if any "meat" came in it was probably not "live" stock
(as used to come to Brighton and Cambridge, Mass.) but rather quartered "meat";


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