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Doug Harris wrote:

> It would surprise me if _anything_ was (or were) similar to "retconning".
> I can't even imagine what that might mean!

Retroactive continuity.  In written science fiction, one example is
Larry Niven's "Known Space" future history.  Niven took for granted that
herbivores are naturally noncombative, and carnivores are naturally
combative no matter what the odds against them might be.  He had a
naturally combative species of intelligent carnivores, and a naturally
noncombative species of intelligent herbivores.

The retcon:  In both species, this is now (and has always been) the
product of misguided eugenics.

Then there's the pesky matter of future history backgrounds whose
authors somewhat overestimated the longevity of the Soviet Union.

>>> And has anyone else noticed how much, in the past few weeks, the term 'reboot'
>> is being used in relation to a broad assortment of things in no way related to
>> computers?
> -------
> Yes, it's very common in the comic book and movie franchise
> community's when referring to a new comic or movie that attempts to
> restart the historical continuity of the franchise. Similar to
> retconning.

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