a seasonal back-formation: "to holiday-shop"

Arnold Zwicky zwicky at STANFORD.EDU
Fri Nov 28 19:18:43 UTC 2008

caught on NPR's Morning Edition this morning: "... plan to holiday-
shop at their desks".

not in my inventory of two-part back-formed verbs (compiled from
various sources).  but it's not hard to find examples, e.g.:

   The best place to holiday shop?

   How to Holiday Shop After the Holidays.

   Dec 8, 2003 ... Fifty-seven percent of respondents who will holiday
shop online at work will do so during the lunch hour or when they're
on break.

   Yes, more people than ever holiday-shopped online ...

   Posner said she holiday shops through the year, trying to match
gifts to the wants and needs of friends and family.

(these amidst a great may hits for the compound noun "holiday shop(s)"
'shop(s) selling holiday goods'.)


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