"call someone out of their name"

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sat Nov 29 21:59:20 UTC 2008

Very interesting!


1706: [in a sermon] <<shall I, _a Shrub_, take it ill that I am call'd
out of my Name?>>


1779 [this ed.] (Henry Fielding, _Joseph Andrews_): [a servant woman has
been called a "bitch"] <<that's no reason you should call me out of my


1846: [a man (an Irishman, I think) has been addressed as "Paddy"] <<I
was vexed to hear her call me out of my name before dacent people>>


1856: [a 'black' man has been addressed as "Sambo"] <<Don't you call me
out of my name>>


1880: [in a glossary of 'Antrim and Down' expressions] <<Out of one's
name, by a wrong name>>



There are lots more!

-- Doug Wilson

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