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From:    Charles Doyle <cdoyle at UGA.EDU>

> In the anthropology of foodways, when and how did cheese become a
> default ingredient of what's called a "hamburger"?  And even bacon.
> We can't blame the Jews for those developments! I suppose it's just
> an aspect of the fattening and sickening (and impoverishing) of
> America. I don't recall even seeing the word "cheeseburger" on menus
> anymore.

I've never thought/heard of cheese and/or bacon becoming default
ingredients of a hamburger--one with both of those is a bacon
cheeseburger to me, with only one it's a cheeseburger or a baconburger.[1]

If this is the case, perhaps it's a regional thing, or associated with a
particular restaurant chain or type of restaurant. (For my part, I
refuse to eat at places that are faster-food than Panera-type things, so
if cheese is the default now at Burger King or McD's, i wouldn't know.)

[1] At least this is what i *think* i'd call it, since i have no direct
experience with a hamburger with bacon but no cheese--i doubt i'd like it.

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