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Dear all,

I'm writing to ask for help for a student who is doing his Master thesis on the phonemic behavior of different groups of speakers of English in Scotland.  He has questions about counting the phonemes. This is not my specialty (he's not doing the paper with me), but I thought maybe someone on the list might know this.  Below is the content of his request.  Thank you for any help.

Lois Nathan



this is the mail we talked about, a bit of help for the counting process for my


Q1 : is
there any quick way of counting the occurences of a phoneme in specific


Q2 :
will the vowel sets as described by Wells work? and can two distinct phonemic
transcriptions be put in the same phonetic vowel set?  for example, the
informants will use different phonemic utterances for the same word in the same
environment (they will use a [a] and then for the same word and in the same place
in the sentence they will use an upside down [a] (near-open central vowel)
(sorry don't have the font of the computer).


Q3 : is
there a model which will allow me to see phonetic pattern of a
single informant?


Q4 :
same question for several informants? (upto 30)




for any help you could give me





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