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Tue Apr 7 22:01:34 UTC 2009

On Apr 7, 2009, at 1:06 PM, Grant Barrett wrote:

> ... this blog post has some
> very specific citations and information about the use of "oh snap!"
> http://www.edrants.com/the-mysterious-origins-of-oh-snap/
> It also includes the theory that I give some support to, that "snap"
> is in part a euphemism for "shit."

trying to straighten out things: i never said that th interjection
"snap" had only the meaning i talked about.  any number of
dictionaries have "snap" as an interjection conveying a mild
disapproval (probably combining a very mild euphemism for "shit" with
an allusion to to snapping 'snapping at)'.

"snap" with an allusion to finger-snapping is another matter entirely.

the first is pretty widespread.  the second is gay/black.


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